We are a group of hormone specialists comprised of physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. We are trained and certified in advanced hormone replacement therapy and thyroid optimization. If you are facing disciplinary issues with your state board or if you are involved in litigation, we can help.


As a member of BHRTdefense, you will have access to a wealth of studies that are specific for hormone therapy. We offer a general membership that provides you with 24 hour access to our extensive library of studies. 

If you need an expert witness to review your materials:

We will review your case and provide expert opinion with evidence-based medicine to backup your defense. 

We have an extensive database of research and articles specific to this specialty in medicine. Hormone replacement and optimization is not taught in medical school. Endocrinologist, OB-GYNs, Urologists do not usually no any more about hormones or thyroid than the average clinician.

Our highly experienced expert witnesses are trained with the SEAK expert witness training company. We will give you the tools you need to defend yourself.

Our team is comprised of active, working clinicians who are up to date on the current clinical guidelines and standards of care. These guidelines hinder practice and try to generalize patients instead of individualizing care. Guidelines are what the regulatory agencies and attorneys will try to hold against you. Your first consultation is free. Call to speak to us, protect your license and your career.


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Contact us at admin@bhrtdefense.org